Celeb And The Wedding Bells

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews engagement tidings.


News is that Pippa Middleton and James Matthew are engaged. Fing it shocking yay? According to a few sources of Daily Mail who actually first reported the news of Pippa Middleton and james Matthews getting engaged, revealed that the engagement occurred during July weekend in the Lake District.

The 32 years old actress got engaged after an amatory proposal from Matthews. She was completely surprised and stunned with the proposal as was reported by a daily and the publication has also reported that Matthews took consent of Pippa’s father before their marriage proposal and before getting down on the knees after which he confessed to his lady love.

A friend of the couple quoted to the media- “Mike and Carole Middleton are very happy” further adding to the conversation “They like James and they are sure he will make Pippa very happy.” The family seems to be getting easy with the to be groom and bride but an honest opinion marks out that this could be a false statement because for Pippa a false engagement news is nothing new because she has always been surrounded by such happening tidings.

By the way we are not speculating the relationship between the couple but the palace where the engagement is being reported has still not confirmed any such news of the engagement and the proceedings of the ceremony.. However, if this romantic proposal turns out to be true it is good for the couple, their families and all the fans.