Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Story Revealed

Michael Jackson- legend

Michael Joseph Jackson popularly known as Michael Jackson was born on 29 August,1958. He was an singer, writer, actor and record producer. His name “ King of Pop” because of his contributions to music, fashion and dance. He became a popular figure worldwide. His father, Joe used to abuse him physically and emotionally. Though, he acknowledged his father for his success. In his documentary “Living with Michael Jackson”, he recalled that his father used to sat on chair with belt and all siblings should rehearse, and stated that “”if you didn’t do it the right way, he would tear you up, really get you.”

He started his career with his brothers as a member of “ Jackson 5”. He commenced his solo career in 1971. His music videos including “ Beat it”, “Billie Jean” and “Thriller” are the album’s which broke all racial barriers and changed the medium into a promotional tool. His lifetime achievements include various Guinness records, Grammy awards, Grammy lifetime achievement awards, American Music awards, and number one singles in United States. Jackson’s personal life has many ups and downs including change of appearance, relationships and charged on sexual abuse. In 2009, he died due to cardiac arrest. Take a look at Michael Jackson After Plastic Surgery Pictures

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Story Revealed

Nose job

Very few names from music were able to reach peaks and are still alive in people’s mind. They are even admired by new comers. He is one of them. His changed appearance, people can’t forget for years. No celebrity changed this way ever than Michael Jackson. It has been calculated that he had undergone 100 plastic surgeries during his lifetime. It all started with nose surgery and he asked his younger sister to get the nose surgery first. As he wants to see how it would look. He did this because he doesn’t wanted to be look like his father rather he wanted to have similar nose like his friend Diana Ross. When it comes to nose job Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos are a must to watch.


Skin colour

He was said to have a disorder named dystrophic disorder, that is about “the person will be never happy with his looks and appearance no matter how much he/ she looks good”. His skin earlier has a dark complexion which later transformed into a pale colour. One tabloid reported that “he does not like being black and he feels that blacks are not liked as much as people of other races.” He used to take several sittings for that and per session cost him $10,000.



Jackson never admit to any of them. But change in his face proved that he had undergone rhinoplasty, which includes forehead lift, augmentation of lips and reconstruction of chin and cheekbone. It has been revealed by sources that he underwent 12 nose surgeries. In 2002, he had to use a tape to cover his nose because his nose was under repair.Since he was never satisfied with his own looks after different surgeries, he ended up giving huge amount to surgeons. Jackson spend millions on his surgeries.

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