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Leslie Jones slams the media and her fans by reacting to her own memes and trolls

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Leslie Jones has got a new way to take on the hatred she is facing daily on the social site Twitter. She has taken the game in her hand and has been replying to each troll and meme by reacting to several posts one by one who have left a comment on her profile. She wrote- “It’s not called a meltdown when (you’re) defining yourself. Pay attention.” Further she also commented on a hater’s review saying “So sad, these people have mothers and sisters and aunts. So f—king sickening.”

The 48 year old star just took the evil messages and trolls to her and responded in the coolest and the simplest language possible with a spark. She also quoted somewhere that in spite of blocking these people and reporting their evil comments and tweets, she chose to be a part of the family to divulge them so that others can see the BS. She further added to the conversation that “You won’t believe the evil. It’s f—ucking scary.”

Jones has been true to the fact that whatever she shares and sees is true to the best fact known and there’s nothing like hiding it from the media or her fans or the public rather she has also revealed that she has seen semen flowing on her face, has been called Apes ones and has even received pictures of her fans asses on her timeline.

She truly has suffered when the discussion is about her messages and trolls, but we are happy that she has been able to take a positive note of that.