Back to CourT, Teresa Giudice

Back to courT, Teresa Giudice has been reported back to the court proceedings…

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Once again the Real Housewives of new Jersey actress, Teresa Giudice has been sent to the court. This is the second time when she has fallen for another round of court proceedings and this time it is for facing up to $1000daily fines because of failing in presenting the documents required for her bankruptcy case.

The actress was asked to present the documents in the month of June but she still hasn’t been able to present the required documents to the court which were essential as of July 13th. According to a trustee in the court, Giudice has been asked to present the copies of the documents of her and her husband along with state tax returns from the year 2012 to 2015, but because she was unable to find herself in the safe corner, the trustee has asked the judge to find the star in contempt of court for the failure.

Also along with the mentioned documents she was required to provide her bank account statements since 2015 along with copies of employment contracts since the year 2012. But the actress has failed majorly and has not even provided even a single document required by the court and hence a fine of $1000 has been imposed.

Giudice is also entangled in a lawsuit against her ex lawyer for being a guilty in a fraud. A social site reported a week back that she requested the court on 11th July to “enforce her bankruptcy lawsuit settlement in order to block the trustee of the case from backing to the original agreement.” But the trustee has refused one and has claimed that she has received ample reimbursements and the case would be reopened.

All we can wish for is luck for Giudice. All the best lady!

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